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Animal Success Stories
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We adopted Flash at the beginning of April. I’ve sent along a couple of pictures – including one of all the kitties together. He so enjoys chasing them all over the house and sneaking up on them only to bat them on the head and run away. It took about 2 weeks for him to get acclimated to the other cats (it took them less time to accept him). He did pee on our leather couches but I caught right away and was able to clean it up… but once I showed him the garage kitty door and the litter boxes out there he’s been fine ever since. We’ve renamed him Loki (the Norse god of mischief)and it seems to fit. He sleeps on one of the boys beds at night (when he’s not galloping around the house) and in the wicker chair during the day. He seems very content and purrs loud enough to please everyone  and he gets huge points for putting up with my 6 year old constant need to pet him and lets him do it long enough for Owen to think the kitty absolutely loves him. He’s a sweet kitty. Thank you again. Megan


Hi, I just ran across your website and found my two boys, Willie (previously named Jeffrey) and Flannel (previously named Flan). These two brothers came to us so well adjusted and sweet. They have been a joy to us every day. Their foster mom, Debra, obviously loved them and took great care of them. I would like her to know hey are happy in their home and are still playing hard when they aren't sleeping on their tall tower in the hallway or on their shorter posts in their picture window. They sleep with us every night, Flannel sleeps under the blankets. Willie has quite a sense of humor! I often wonder how they started out in life and would love to know how they came to Friends for Life. We are so glad we found them! Thank you for your wonderful work in caring for our furry babies.

Female Kitten torbi/white

Here are my very happy kids with the GORGEOUS kitten. What a sweetheart--already purring and playing and snuggling. My daughter has named her "Basil" Thank you so much for working with us on this!! Cara


This is Alexi Snook again, I just wanted to give you a little update on Fuzzbutt. He made quick friends with all the cats but became best buds with Destiny(Dezzy; our white and apricot cat.) He does go outside with Dezzy and our new cat Toni, but never to far and not after dark. He has a HUGE appetite and absolutley loves to play and is the biggest cuddler when its time for bed you could not believe. My mom calls him the "heating pad." So I just wanted to let you know how we were doing, and thank you for bringing Fuzzbutt into our life. It would be boring without him! ~AS


Here's some photos of Sgt. Friday, settling in, (He quickly found the stray sock pile on my dresser;) and after a night of snuggling.

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