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Sylvester - KS

Congratulations, Anna!

Tabitha 8-16
Tabitha 8-16

I had not given you an update on Tabitha since I got her in October. She is still just a little lover and so very playful. She has been good for my other cat Cassie another rescue cat with the same markings, minus the white, who is 2 1/2 yrs. It took them a while to get use to one another but I find that they are really good for one another. They chase and fight but Tabitha can hold her own and now she has gotten so big that I believe she will be a fairly good size cat. Her paws are already larger than Cassie's. At first she was a ravenous eater and still hangs out in the kitchen when I am in there. She is always interested in what I am making just in the event that I drop something she will be the first to get it. She has slowed down in her eating from the way she first started but food is still a priority. She even has a little belly that wags when she runs. I think she is a happy, healthy cat and just a little snuggler who sleeps with me every night. I thank you so very much for allowing me to adopt her. She is such great joy! Thank you again, KS


Hi Gail: Thank you again for keeping Clover safe and happy until she could come home with us. She is a very sweet baby. We put her in our bathroom for a few hours so she could hear the sounds of the house without seeing anything to freak her out. After dinner we brought her out and she is in a large cage so she is safe but able to see the other pets. So far Mittens (the other kitten) is not impressed and hisses every time she sees her but I am confident that will change with time and exposure... anyhow thank you again-we are enjoying her very much already Will send you pictures as she grows. ~Melanie

Grey & white male kitten

Just wanted to let you know that the kittens are transitioning very well. At present, they have the run of our office and have really taken to each other. We've named the orange one Ollie, and the gray-and-white one Scooby. Thanks again and very best, Aaron


This is Stephanie T and Christopher H just emailing you to let you know that Wobbles doing so good! Of course the first few nights she wasn't used to being home with us, and had a little trouble eating at first because of the stress and the other cat. But after the first week, she started walking around and exploring. Sure she was wobbly as always but since it was a lot of open space she could spread her legs as much as she needed. Now that she's settled in, she sleeps with Milo, our other cat, happily and even can chase her favorite toy with ease! We have a box that's covered with a T-shirt next to our bed and at first she used that to climb to our bed but now she jumps up without any trouble! She has a dress we got for her and it's super cute on her, and it doesn't hinder her one bit! Thank you so much for a loving family member that we will forever love. With many thanks, Stephanie T Christopher H

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