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Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Friends For Life Animal Rescue strives to find loving, forever homes for the animals in our care.  Little girl and little dog

Animals in our program come from a number of sources - sometimes they have been abandoned or left behind by their families, sometimes they are surrendered by owners no longer able to care for them, and sometimes they are feral kittens that are caught young enough to socialize and adopt into forever homes instead of growing up wild and on the streets. 

From intake into the program, animals are placed into foster homes where they receive love, medical care, food, shelter, and socialization - basic needs that are often unmet before coming to the program.

All animals are spayed or neutered prior to being made available for adoption - this ensures that the repopulation cycle is halted at least for that animal. By only adopting out animals that have already been spayed or neutered, the adopting family is freed of the responsibility to take the animal for the surgery post-adoption.

All animals are microchipped to improve identification and increase chances for a successful reunion if animal and family become separated. The registration of the new family as primary contact is included in the adoption fee - no extra charge.

Animals are current on vaccinations following current protocols, with rabies being the only exception. Typically, animals available for adoption have not had their rabies vaccination and this becomes the new family's responsibility.  In some cases, however, the animal has already been vaccinated for rabies.  In situations such as adoption to families living in Canada or other areas requiring rabies vaccinations, we will work with the adopting family to prepare the animal for transport across borders in accordance with requirements.

Animals are also treated for internal and external parasites (fleas, earmites, worms, lice, etc.) prior to adoption.


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