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Welcome to the Friends for Life Animal Rescue website!

Friends for Life Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit companion animal rescue group that works through a network of foster homes rather than a shelter. We don't have a central facility, but we have animal fosters in Skagit, San Juan, Snohomish, and Whatcom counties at this time. 


We hope you'll enjoy exploring our site and return to see what's new!   



















Highlighted Cats
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  Banjo - LJ
Banjo is a very handsome 5-6 month old boy who is learning to be brave.  He got booted out of the nest when mama cat got pregnant again and was fending for himself before we were able to trap him and bring him in to safety.   Most kittens that age are usually more about Banjo - LJ
  Merry and Pippin - AV
Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck and Peregrin "Pippin" Took are a bonded pair of brothers that are looking for a forever home together that loves high energy, sweet, mischievous kittens. They REALLY live up to their names!    Merry and Pippin were trapped at a feral more about Merry and Pippin - AV
  Samwise - AV
Samwise    Samwise "Sam" Gamgee is a shy, gentle, affectionate and playful kitten. He would love to have a home with his sister Eowyn. He may be able to be separate from her if there was another young kitty already in a home who's a perfect match. Sam needs the more about Samwise - AV
  Eowyn - AV
Eowyn    Eowyn (also called Winnie in her foster home) is a very shy little girl at first. Once she warms up she is very energetic, playful and loves to be pet and curl up in a lap. She purrs a lot and loves to give headbutts! She would LOVE to have a home with her brother more about Eowyn - AV
  Jubliee - AV
Jubilee is a 4 month old kitten who's a little timid at first, but doesn't take long to warm up and loves to have a lot of attention, is super sweet and also loves play time. Jubilee is very food motivated so treats definitely help her come out of her shell. She has a very loud purr! more about Jubliee - AV
  Peanut - AV
Peanut (Also called PB by her fosters!) is a friendly, super active little busy body of a kitten who's about 4 months old. Peanut loves to be the center of attention and is constantly on the go playing, investigating things, watching birds outside, wanting to be held etc. She is currently more about Peanut - AV
  Baby Leo - KS
Baby Leo is 14 weeks old.  He came into our care when he was a day old.  He was found by some boys who had a friend who would know what to do.     While Leo is an energetic kitten, he appreciates a lap to nap on.  At night he has a favorite spot on the bed to spend more about Baby Leo - KS
Highlighted News
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Greeting Cards -- Tuesday March 1st, 2011
FFLAR Completes Year #1! -- Tuesday December 28th, 2010

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