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Animal Success Stories
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Jetson wrote: Ladies thank you for helping me find my new cat mamma. I have adjusted well and I now pester all my brothers...but the one I love the most is Elliot, the big Maincoon, he gives me tongue baths and is teaching me how to wrestle...he told me better to beat than be beaten... My new name is Topo Grigio (a play on words from the name of an Italian Puppet named Topo Gigio, you may remember him from the Johnny Carson Show). But they call me Topino, Toposky, new human dad is Polish and my new human mamma is Italian. So I am learning new languages and occasionally I get a piece of Kielbasa or a morslel of ham... So for this Thanksgiving I want to send blessings to you and all my fellow cats out there, may they be as luck as I am. -- Jetson now Topo Grigio

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