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My husband and I promised to give an update on Lynxy and how he is doing in his new home in two weeks. Lynxy is 6 months old, part tabby and part pixie bob and truly, I think the pixie-bob is stronger in him because in the two weeks that we've had him he's grown quite a lot. When he first came to our home Lynxy tried hiding most of the time because he was so nervous and scared. His favorite spot was behind the sofa in a corner and we had a hard time getting him out. Food was the only answer. So we moved all our furniture to make sure he could not hide from us and he spent time with us to get use to us. It took 1 day to find Lynxy's sweet spot by his tail for scratching, and 2 days to find he loves his belly scratched (he gets a decadent look on his face like a girl with a big box of chocolates). It took 3 days for him to crawl up on my husband's lap for petting, and a week before he was touching noses with us (almost like a kiss). We had to kitty proof our place, he was climbing everywhere and we didn't want to yell or anything but that quieted down. Since he's explored a lot, he's not as interested in jumping up on the counters (and the table - see the picture). He was scratching up the carpet but a scratch post stopped that as well. He is the most spoiled kitten in the lower mainland. My friends all gave him welcome gifts, and everytime he meows it's for food or for petting. He's very vocal about what he wants. He has tons of toys so we're rationing them ;) But you were right, he loves the mouse laser light, He could play with it all day and night but we make sure it's not too much for him. We love him to pieces. We can't think of a life without him now. dfdz111111111 thats Lynxy typing - did he walk all over your laptop too? He still gets nervous with loud noises and when we're not around he sleeps under neath the table (on a small quilt I made him) or under the quilt he is lying on in the picture. But when we're around he's on top of the quilt between the wall and the sofa (all cuddled up between the two). He's adorable (see the pictures). I can't thank you enough for helping us get our addition to our family! I tell all my friends how great the experience was and how your group took the time to email us back and forth. Thank you again for making this adoption possible!

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