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Animal Success Stories
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Tabitha 8-16
Tabitha 8-16

I had not given you an update on Tabitha since I got her in October. She is still just a little lover and so very playful. She has been good for my other cat Cassie another rescue cat with the same markings, minus the white, who is 2 1/2 yrs. It took them a while to get use to one another but I find that they are really good for one another. They chase and fight but Tabitha can hold her own and now she has gotten so big that I believe she will be a fairly good size cat. Her paws are already larger than Cassie's. At first she was a ravenous eater and still hangs out in the kitchen when I am in there. She is always interested in what I am making just in the event that I drop something she will be the first to get it. She has slowed down in her eating from the way she first started but food is still a priority. She even has a little belly that wags when she runs. I think she is a happy, healthy cat and just a little snuggler who sleeps with me every night. I thank you so very much for allowing me to adopt her. She is such great joy! Thank you again, KS


Remember this little lady? Thought I'd give you an update. She has peaked at about 8 pounds. Her coat is gorgeous and the softest I've ever felt. Her head still tips, and she still rubs against anyone or anything she walks by. She loves being on the boat. As you can tell in the second photo she is totally relaxed. When we are moored at a marina she likes to "walk the docks". One of us is always with her, of course. She attracts a lot of attention and is happy to let anyone pet her. She still puffs up and hightails it back to the boat if she sees a dog. She also loves our other kitty. The only problem is that he weighs about twice as much as she does and still has a kitten mentality, so can be a little too rough when they play. We intervene if we're around. But it must not bother her too much because she instigates it as much as he does. They also like to cuddle and groom each other. We are grateful for her everyday. Thank you for what you do! LA


Here is a picture of Tigger. He is happy, healthy and very playful in his new forever home.=) We simply adore him!! Thank you for allowing us to adopt him, and letting us fulfill our home after the grief process hit so hard. Smiles... G & J S.


Dear Gail and Karen,

We are soooo happy with this little girl! If you send me your email I will email you a few photos. 

She is finally eating here at 11:30pm. She is so playful. She has hardly stopped since she got home. 

We love her and she is the perfect kitty. Thank you for being so nice and so helpful. Friends for Life is the best!



Tabby Wee

We love our new home! Love, Tabby Wee (on left) and Abigail

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