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Animal Success Stories
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Sylvester - KS

Congratulations, Anna!


Here is an update of the lovely Murdock! He loves to play fetch, he loves to snuggle and be held, and he's just the best kitty ever. Thank you.


I guess a month has gone by already! It has taken a while to agree on a name and it looks like “Luna” has become the name on paper (but each of us has our own silly nickname for the newest member of the family). It has been a good month. Luna certainly is not lacking in the character department and within 24 hours you would have thought she was raised by a pack of dogs the way she managed to settle right in with our two family dogs! She is very bold cat and happily stalks and pounces on our little dog and we have found her snuggled up and having a nap with him a couple of times – with our big dog she shows a little more caution, but I think the big dog is glad to have her around. Luna has continued to be a very lovey and curious kitty – we are surprised by her ability to amuse herself with exploring EVERYTHING! She loves to carry things around in her mouth – we find her stashing socks, crumpled up paper, pens, and all kinds of things in hidey-holes around the house. She can play for hours with a kid (or adult) dangling a string. She has continued to develop her very loud purr and shares it generously. Right now I am typing one handed as she is resting her purring head in my left hand while I sit here at the computer. Oh, I spoke too soon, now she is chasing a pen cap across the keyboard! Recently we experienced travel with a cat for the first time! She was introduced to a soft harness and got to explore a bit of the property at our family cabin on leash. Otherwise we managed to keep her inside the cabin with not too much effort. She seemed to enjoy the experience and took it all in stride. She is a great traveler and did not mind the car ride and ferry trip at all! We had one health issue of a very minor nature – she showed some rough bumps on her ears which our vet advised were allergic reactions to something – we started out trying to narrow it down by eliminating the scented cat litter and air freshener in her “bathroom” and within 2 weeks it was all cleared up – that was easy! We’ll send along a photo or two once we’ve got them off the cameras and onto the computer. In the meantime, thought you’d like to hear our update because everything is going so well! ~F family


This is one happy kitty . She has investigated the whole house, found her litter box and food and wallowed all over us, and has started to talk, also non stop purring. Thanks again.... Annie


After 3 (yes, three!) years of waiting, Shadow finally got her forever home! It took that long to train her foster family...

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