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Animal Success Stories
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Hi Gail: Thank you again for keeping Clover safe and happy until she could come home with us. She is a very sweet baby. We put her in our bathroom for a few hours so she could hear the sounds of the house without seeing anything to freak her out. After dinner we brought her out and she is in a large cage so she is safe but able to see the other pets. So far Mittens (the other kitten) is not impressed and hisses every time she sees her but I am confident that will change with time and exposure... anyhow thank you again-we are enjoying her very much already Will send you pictures as she grows. ~Melanie


Czar (Chekov) continues to make progress. He seems to be settling in and is becoming a little less skittish. For the first several days, he was hiding out in dark corners and slinking by fearfully from time to time. He's slowly becoming a little less reactive. A big turning point happened yesterday when I introduced a laser pointer into our play. He went absolutely wild with excitement chasing that red dot around. I dozed off on the couch and when I woke up, he was a foot away staring at me as if to say "where the heck is the toy?" He curled up next to me and we had a pleasant half hour or so. Gets a little over stimulated at times and I'm learning to see those signs. All things considered, he's adjusting well, seems to be reasonably content, is finding interesting nooks and crannies to hide himself away. Don't know that he'll ever move beyond being neurotic, but who knows. All is well. He's found his forever home. Pretty soon, he'll be running the household.


This is "Charlie and our big guy. We love him! Thank you - JH


I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come out to the PetCo in Mount Vernon Saturday evening to help us adopt sweet Chester! And I wanted to give you an update... He is doing great!! He is loving his new home, and his big brother Lucas (a 1.5 year old brown tabby)! As I am writing this, they are both crashed out in the hallway, sleeping peacefully after a couple of hours of really fun playing! :) Chester is just the sweetest little guy...the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning, or after a nap, is go find his brother Lucas and give him kisses. Lucas wasn't sure what to think at first, but now he is kissing his little brother back, and giving him lots of hugs! I do believe this was a match made in heaven...thank you again for everything!! God Bless! Sarah Scott & Dan Ver

Chunky Monkey

We decided to rename your little Chunky Monkey to Kai, it means ocean in Hawaiian. He's been doing really well here, we had several indoor accidents on the first day home, but he's been more or less house-trained for the last 48 hours. He's been to the vet on Wednesday and all is well and we started taking him on walks in the neighbourhood, he had some problems at first with the leash but he's doing better every single day. The only thing we still struggle with is the biting but we're trying to train him to be gentle. Mixed results so far! He's definitely changed our lives completely in the last week and we can't thank you enough!

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