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Animal Success Stories
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Great news! Adopter report on Blaze (now Bear): Bear is doing great - a real love with kitten energy I couldn't be happier. He is ONE SPECIAL BOY. Thank you for making his life possible. Friends for Life does an Exceptional Job Marilee

Bindu #781

I just want to let you know that Bindu is well adjusted & happy. We renamed her Tabitha. She knows her name & will come when we call her. She is definitely a mama's girl! She got used to our beagle rather quickly, but sometimes she still runs when she sees him coming because he's a bit of an oaf. It took our cat, Josie, a while to warm up. They only started really playing with each other & playing chase a couple of weeks ago. She loves being in the windows & playing in the curtains. She is still doing her little trills instead of meows, which is totally adorable! I've attached a few photos. Thank you for such a precious little addition to our family! ~J. A.

Bagheera #787

Bagheera has a new family and is adjusting well! Her people write, "So after two days I believe she has found her comfort zone.... She's really taken to my husband. She loves to cuddle with both of us!"


Billie's mom had a stroke and isn't recovering as well as expected. Billie and her housemate Scrappy were reluctantly put up for adoption and Billie found her new forever home immediately! Pictured with Billie's mom's sister holding her as a final goodbye.

Black lab mix puppy

Hello! We adopted a dog from you a week ago last Saturday at Petco in Mount Vernon. We just wanted you to know that we are grateful to the foster parents who took so much time with "Wilson". For a 10 week old puppy he is doing pleasantly well with his potty training and overall behavior! Wilson is a very good puppy! We have a 13 year old dog and two 12 year old cats, who are still trying to decide what they think, but I think they finally stopped scheming on how to get rid of this youngster, and have decided to tolerate him!!! (He is very good with cats!!) Our old dog will finally let him lay next to her, but Wilson always has to push the boundaries and touch her!! :o) Wilson loves his big yard and every little twig and leaf!!! We are enjoying Wilson immensely!! Thank you again to his foster family!!! Sherry and Kevin D

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